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Top Bar Beekeeping

A Top Bar beehive

A Top Bar beehive

Top bar beekeeping is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep one or two hives in their backyard for pollination. It is a way of keeping   bees which I believe is more bee focused rather than beekeeper focused.

Even if you have never been around bees or kept bees before you will find this workshop informative and hopefully you will go away wanting to set up your own  Top Bar Beehive. During this workshop we will cover:-

Topics covered

  • this workshop will cover the active management of a Top bar Hive. We will go over
  • recommendations and how to build a top bar hive yourself
  • the methods of catching a swarm and hiving in a top bar.
  • the management of natural comb
  • organic varroa control such as Oxalic Acid Vapourising and Formic Acid
  • how to manipulate and handle natural comb to check for AFB in the ‘prescribed” TBH method harvesting excess honey stores.( we will harvest  some honey on the day, season permitting)
  • seasonal management of a top bar hive.
  • During this course we will visit several different top bar hives and all participants will have the opportunity to handle and manipulate comb.

Run by Janet Luke

Location: 12 Emerald Hill, Havelock North.

Date: 20th September, 2014. 10am-12:30 (Saturday).

Cost:  $55 pp.

Required Equipment: Bee suit ( I have a few veils if you don’t have one)

Register for course below Please be quick as participant numbers are restricted.


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