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Green Urban Living Landscape Design

formal garden

A formal garden with rill water feature designed by Janet Luke

At Green Urban Living we are committed to providing a professional, cutting edge, client focused, ecologically sound, landscape design service.


The Director, Janet Luke, holds a degree in Landscape Architecture (the highest qualification within the profession) and a Masters in Environmental and Resource Planning with Honors.


At Green Urban Living we have particular interests in lifestyle and urban design, sustainable design, permaculture, low maintenance and edible gardening.

Janet Luke has been awarded two national Design Awards.The first is the supreme award for the Concrete Industries design award.

The second award is for the Hastings City Council Landmarks Trust for Outstanding Commercial design.

Snake seat

Snake seat


 Professional Service Delivery

The first site visit is free (up to one hour). During this visit the brief is completed, and there is an opportunity to walk around the site to discuss issues and options. Digital photography is taken, soil, drainage and view shafts etc are recorded and the design interventions are finalised.


Urban Seaside Apartment Garden

Urban Seaside Apartment Garden

Design fees

$95 per hour. A detailed quote will be presented prior to any work being undertaken.

Design Intervention Options


Japanese inspired water feature

Japanese inspired water feature

a) Concept Plan


This gives a broad overview of the layout of the new garden, including paths, changes in level, hard landscaping and main planting areas.


This option is good for the diy person who wants a strong input or can be given to a contractor to implement.


b) Planting Plan


Walled courtyard

Walled courtyard

A detailed plan setting out where specific plants are to be placed. It gives precise numbers and species of plants. A quote from a nursery on the cost of plants can be included. The plan can also show the layout for irrigation systems or garden lighting.


This option is good for the client who would like to do this part of the implementation themselves.


Commercial building water feature

Commercial building water feature

c) Construction Details


Plan of specific construction details which can be given to a contractor to implement.


To find out additional information or to book our design services please email Janet or phone 021 151 7688, 06 8779639.


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