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Make Your Own Seed Tapes

Planting in the garden

Planting in the garden

This is a great project to do with the kids on a raining day when it is too wet and cold to venture out into the garden. Seed tapes are biodegradable paper which have seeds incorporated into them at set distances. The idea is you lay the tape flat on top of the soil, cover with a fine layer of soil and let nature take its course. This method avoids over sowing or having to transplant seedlings into the garden and you end up with neat straight lines of vegetables (great for the Virgo’s amongst us!). The tapes are also easy for little hands to handle. This method particularly suits small seeds such as carrots, lettuce, onions, spring onions, leeks, musclun and basil. These tapes cost a fortune at the garden centre but are dead easy to make!

 To make your own you need:-

  • a thick paste made from flour and water
  • a small brush
  • a length of toilet tissue
  • seeds to sow.


1. Lie a section of toilet tissue (as long as you want your row of veges) on flat surface

Planting Seed Tapes

Planting Seed Tapes

2. Paint flour paste thickly down middle of length

3. Sprinkle seeds very thinly allowing for around 8-10cm spacings between seeds into paste

4. Cover with another length of toilet tissue and pat down gently

5. Lie tissue flat and under a weight (stacked books) until dry.

6. Lay flat in garden and cover with a fine, thin layer of soil. Spray with a fine spray of water and keep moist until germination.








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