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Baby chicks are everyone's friends

Baby chicks are everyone’s friends

Where is the best place to grow vegetables? Where should I build my compost? Where can I plant an apple tree and how do I prune it? If I were to get chickens where’s the best place to house them?  What sort of edible crops are best for my garden?

If you need answers to these sort of questions maybe Garden Coaching is for you.

The Green Urban Living garden coaching service involves helping, supporting and directing you to create a garden of your dreams, as long as you are committed to putting in the hard work.

A chicken dome

A chicken dome

If you want to create a more sustainable edible garden, Janet Luke can help you achieve this. This service normally commences with a visit to Janet’s garden to gleam hints and tricks which you can transplant into your own piece of paradise. Janet can accompany you to a garden centre to buy plants, and show you where to plant them or hardware store to purchase material for a chicken dome, rainwater tank or seed raising cold frame. Janet is available for one off visits or ongoing visits to your garden to advise on anything green, giving you the life long skills to become more self sufficient.


$75 per hour. Each visit is followed up with comprehensive notes.

Contact Janet below to discuss further.



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